Get the Best Talent for Your Next Round of Hires with the Help of a Professional Cold Calling Recruiting Assistant.

Hiring the right talent is important to growing your business, and Cold Cal’s Recruiting assistants are here to make it easy for you!

Make one of our expert recruiting assistants your recruitment partner. With their extensive industry expertise and in-depth hiring analytics, they’ll handle all your candidate outreach, screening calls & interview scheduling to help you identify the best available talent for your organization!

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Turn Your Hiring Process into a Streamlined and Efficient Experience.

Hiring a new employee is time-consuming and frustrating—especially when it comes to dealing with paperwork, background checks, and a lot of communication. There is no way around it.

Your hiring decisions will impact your company in a significant way. This is why you need a strong recruiter on your team. A person who shows results and takes all your stress out of finding top talent to help your organization prosper.

Cold Cal recruitment assistants are exactly what you’re looking for. Our Expert recruiters will save you valuable time, making your hiring process more cost-effective and productive. They can take away the pain and load of your hiring process. Here’s how an expert recruiting assistant can help make your hiring process seamless:

Phone, Email & Social Reach Outs

Phone, email and social media are powerful tools that have the potential to make or break a company’s recruitment process. Experienced recruiting assistants can help you get the most out of these channels. From phone calls and email follow-ups to social media outreach and video interviews; they will reach out to candidates that meet your job specifications and convert them into your next favorite team member.

Candidate Screening & Pre-Qualification

Your Recruiting Assistant will contact, screen and prequalify candidates efficiently and effectively. They will handle all stages of the recruiting process—from online candidate screenings to in-person interviews—allowing you to focus on talent acquisition. Your expert recruiter can also reach out to the top industry professionals in your bargaining unit, who may know valuable insights about prospective candidates and may make great referrers for other jobs.

Candidate Follow-Up

Recruiting always involves following up on candidates. It’s crucial to stay in touch, send reminders and keep people engaged with your company—and that’s where Cold Cal Recruitment Assistants excel. Your recruiting assistant will consistently follow up with candidates, answer their questions, and keep track of them, so no candidate is left unattended.

Candidate Nurturing

Candidates often get lost in the shuffle of your hiring process and are not as specific about what makes you a great place to work. Your Recruiting Assistant will track qualified candidates, deliver relevant content and conduct targeted follow-up calls to increase engagement with potential employees. This will make your firm an appealing choice for job seekers.

Trust a Recruiting Assistant to Find, Hire and Retain the Top Talent.

Now, you can easily hire the best talent, regardless of position, by entrusting your hiring needs to a specialist. Our recruiters work tirelessly to help you find the candidate you’re looking for. We eliminate the tedious task of finding top talent—from posting to interviewing.

We can help your business recruit effectively and help you find the perfect candidate to fill your open positions quickly.

Before you start looking for new employees, hire one of our recruitment assistants—so they can help you find the right candidate that meets your unique needs and requirements. Click the button below to schedule a call now! We are persistent, reliable, and always available to answer your queries!